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the queen of pseudo psychos [19 Dec 2004|12:01pm]

hey you guys

recent webcam shots. check the hot picture frame i stole from this guys house. it makes the most awesome necklace, but stopped me getting into a club because i had pointed edges. lesbiana.

the last time i saw you was the first time i saw god...Collapse )

out fuckers
crysibelle xo
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[09 Dec 2004|07:57pm]

Lets go with the freak show it's...

OutrageousCollapse )
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[24 Sep 2004|08:37pm]

this is from my gothic darrrrrk photoshoot motherfuckers. you know you wanna tap that shit y'all.

hang out on the strip with the coke-head queers..Collapse )
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[31 Jul 2004|04:22pm]

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[24 Jul 2004|08:27pm]


Hey this is Olivia (stripedsox ). I am already part of this community, I just wanted to let you know of the name change. Please add my new name (killrokstarz ) to the list!

Thanks. Peace.

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[22 Jul 2004|01:00pm]

we want to know a little bit about you for our files...


this community is composed of the following elements:::

beauty; decadence; LA; riot grrls; pretty boys; glitter sores; 'We Care'; excess to the max; 0-800s; anus waxing; 30s-icons; kids with cigarettes; 50s closets; film noir; industrial taping; beautiful freaks; junkie kisses; razorblades; candles; candle wax; carving; cutting; mutilation; losers; retards; freaks; Audrey Hepburn; stacking it; XfagXcoreX; riots; punks; heroin; ethereal sex; pottymouths; my boudoir; Detroit; cadillacs; dollys; skin flowers; flesh wounds; my disordered weight; drugs, vegas, rock and ruin; lazy ways; vaseline; the butterfly collection; my silent undoing; freakshows; magic; All-American Suburbia; wholesale meats; electroluxury and, of course, cock.

throw a little glitter on your hunchback and come dancing, honey.
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Hot Drags.. [17 Jul 2004|11:42am]



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Promote [06 Jul 2004|02:29am]

[ mood | annoyed ]

Jesus, dead already? Promote, promote, PROMOTE. (:

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I LIVE FOR DRAG [05 Jul 2004|06:50pm]

[ mood | shit hot pimp bebe ]

im an executive transvestite...

Come on then and take me you junkie slutbag hoe...Collapse )

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I live for drag. [01 Jul 2004|11:55pm]

[ mood | distressed ]

I suppose I'll get this party started.
I've always been a fan of drag-even when I was younger. Growing up, I saw Ru Paul as one badass motherfucker. Shit, who needs Barney when you've got a drag queen with more sass than the hood? My mom never really knew about it until I was about ten.
We were at a liquor store in Spenard (A very lower-class part of town) and there was a BEAUTIFUL drag queen standing around outside. .My step-dad went inside, calling the queen a "faggot" while on his way. My mom commented on how that was "kind of sick" for me to have to see. I told her and my step-dad to shut up because that was a very sexy man, and that I found him to be more attractive than myself. After telling my step-dad to "shut the fuck up and get a more extensive vocabulary," my mom and step-dad considered putting me in counseling.
I avoided counseling and years passed. .I read stories and made a guy friend or two of mine over. However, in April, I got in contact with an old friend of mine. He picked me up and we went to his place for a bit. We wound up dating and one night, while drunk, he admitted to me that he was in to drag. Being the first person that he told - ever, he was really scared that I would dump him and tell all of his friends (His friends just aren't very open-minded like that, I suppose). .
Anyways, I went to his place the next day and we shaved him down. \
There. My first, hands on, experience with making one over.
I love it. Not him.

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Up & Running [01 Jul 2004|05:44pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

DragDolls is now up and running. The rules are up & such. This is not a rating community, so feel free to join & start posting pictures, stories, or whatever you like! This is for those of us who admire drag queens, and those of us who live the life of a drag queen. (: Have fun, and play nice.


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